Gather Stitches – Where the logo came from?

21 Sep

Gather Stitches – Where the logo came from?
Why a tulip?

I learnt how to make a Christmas ball in quilting group. I discovered that if you use egg shaped polystyrene rotated so the point is facing up, then it looks like a tulip flower. I was hooked!!! After ribbons and pins took over the dinning table, my husband asked me when I was going to stop!

After giving a few away as gifts, I still had a few left!
Now I just can’t stop!

Light bulb moment! Integrating the tulip into the logo for Quick Stitch Quilting. I love the symbol of the perfection of the tulip. Beautiful! Next I noticed that on my gatepost there were artisticly molded mortar tulips, just perfect! Until…

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