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Family Quilt Challenge!

25 May

Family Quilt Challenge!

Family Quilt Challenge 

Example ~ 

Nana’s 90th birthday is coming up, and I would like to make a special quilt.
A quilt is a thing of beauty. A quilt can bring together a family separated by distance and an entire continent. A quilt can have happiness and heartbreak sewn into it with each stitch. A quilt is a thing to treasure.

My idea is each family member make and decorated a 12” Block (we will sent you the fabric. )

Family block Instructions

  • 12” Block (can be patchwork or plain)
  • Must have family name
  • Your block must represent each individual in your the family (example appliqué flower, hearts, handprints (made of fabric please no paint).
  • We only have 1 month.
  • Keep it simple… be creative…


  • Nana has 3 children, 11 grandchildren & 19 Great Grandchildren
  • 14 blocks

Nana’s favourite Things!

  • Favourite colour ~ mauve is a medium –dark slightly reddish shade of purple
  • Favourite flower ~ All flowers ~ Gerbera, Roses, & Orchid
  • Favourite Animal ~ puppy dogs,
  • Favourite sports ~ Tennis & bowling

Before Quilting!