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5 Nov


Photo ~ Cotton


  • Wash your backing fabric
  • Sew a ¼ Stay Stitch around top of quilt. 
  • Square your quilt top
  • Square your quilt backing ~ STRAIGHT EDGES!
  • Square your batting
  • Iron ~ Make sure that your back piece is pressed
  • Backing & Wadding is a total 8 inches larger than the Quilt Top.
  • Cut all extra threads from the quilt top.
  • Mark “TOP” on both quilt top & backing, pinned with a safety pin.
  • Please do not baste or pin your layers together.


If I have to…

  • Wash
  • Sew
  • Iron
  • Or Square
  • I have a surcharge if I am required to wash, sew, square or press the top of backing before quilting it.
  • Remember that your Heirlooms deserve the best materials available. Your Quilt is “Machine Ready” when all four sides of both pieces are square, straight and fully assembled.


The time you take to prepare your quilt for quilting is well spent to achieve the best result:

The use of 100% cotton materials in your quilt making is recommended.

Quick Stitch Quilting operates on a “By Appointment Basis” Please phone and make an appointment.

Please don’t hesitate to call or email me. I am very lucky to have such understanding customers and Husband. I am a Work At Home Mum (WAHM) of three beautiful children.   My family is my first priority and I have responsibility and commitments during the days, i.e kindy drop off, and Kindy pick up, swimming lessons, rest time & speech therapy just to name a few…

I apologize for any inconvenience but please call/email and make an appointment.

Thank you for your understanding!