Youth Quilting Challenge!

6 Dec

Youth Quilting Challenge!
Twilight Crafts and Quick Stitch Quilting have partnered to create a unique youth quilting challenge.
Teaching “Youth to Sew”
Learning outcomes ~ To encourage youth 18 and under to sew and make a Quilt
In an effort to keep the art of quilting/patchwork alive and well for the next generation, we are asking parents/guardians, & grandparents to become sewing mentors to teach and share techniques with the youth /children in your life.
Educational outcomes
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Creativity ~ Requires use of their imagination and creativity when deciding what to sew and where.
  • Maths ~ Sewing provides a range of mathematical learning opportunities as well
  • Communication and social Skills ~ Learning to sew is a great life skill and great opportunity for the youth to practice communicating, for example they’ll need to listen and follow instructions.
  • Build their self- confidence
  • Learn copious amounts of patience
  • Have a social creative outlet for meeting and gathering with friends
Purchase your quilting Fabric and Supplies from Twilight Crafts on website or in-store and Quick Stitch Quilting will match the same dollar value spent at Twilight Crafts (For example Spend $100 at Twilight Crafts and receive $100 FREE Quilting at Quick Stitch Quilting)
Now is the perfect time to encourage the youth /children in your life to sew! Discovering the fun and sense of accomplishment that sewing your own quilt brings!
Please share the your passion of sewing and quilting with the next generation, the art and tradition of quilting will have a bright future!
Please let Isla or Tamara ( Mother and Daughter Duo) know if you wish to Participate is The “Youth Quilt Challenge”

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