About Me

I am a second generation Quilter.

Creativity is a part of my everyday. I enjoy creating  with my three young children, coming up with original handmade craft and unique ideas. We let our imaginations run wild, creating stunning masterpieces. One day we might turn boxes into castles fit for princesses, and the next transform a selection of ribbons into beautiful tulips.

I truly appreciate handmade items and enjoy customising unique, stylish gifts, which I lovingly make for my family and friends.

On the first birthday of each of my children I gifted them a handmade quilt, as I wanted to present them with something that would stand the test of time and treasured for many years to come. The beauty of this gift is that it may become a cherished family heirloom. Quilts are gifts that keep on giving, which is a beautiful thing.

Creating original works of art has always been important to me. I enjoy the process and sense of achievement that comes with seeing a project evolve and completed. As a secondary teacher my professional career was based around implementing innovative teaching strategies and learning experience for my students. Now as a full-time mother, I use my creative energy to come up with innovative toys, décor and bedding for my children. Making items for my children mean that they have one-of-a-kind creations that are durable and tailor made to meet their interests.

I set up Quick Stitch Quilting during 2010 because I wanted to be able to share my creativity and passion for making quilts with other like-minded people. I am committed to designing and creating quilts that exceed the expectations of my customers.

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