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Problem Solving

10 Nov

Problem Solving


  • Tucks in backing fabric
  • Tension problems
  • Loops
  • Uneven or skipped stitches
  • Hours of unpicking

My Solution 

  •  To see the back of your quilt while quilting the top.
  • 2 x Mirror Panels Diamond edge 360mm x 1200mm
  • 3 x Osram led dot it linear lighting

Chain stitch

26 Dec

NEW Machine ~ Newest Staff member – Daisy Chain stitcher “Daisy”

Everton Park Janome Everton Park Everton Park Plaza, 803 Stafford Road, QLD 4053  Ph: (07) 3355 5522. Fax: (07) 3355 9526.


29 Oct

Stay-Stitch – DAY 1 ~ Workshop with Kaye & Lizzy!


Gather Stitch

23 Sep

Gather Stitch – Group Photo

Thank you both Kaye & James!

Kaye Brown from The Finishing Touch Creative Machine Quilting Service, Tamara Buchanan from Quick Stitch Quilting James Beaman from Business Banking – Commonwealth Bank Australia.

Blanket Stitch – The Big Day!!!

21 Sep

Newest member of the Family – Machine – “Lizzy”


Name after my favourite fictional character Elizabeth Bennet (sometimes referred to as Eliza or Lizzy) from Jane Austen’s Novel Pride and Prejudice.

She has a “quickest and has a lively playful disposition” (more…)