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Certificate of Appreciation

20 Jun




Tamara Buchanan

Quick Stitch Quilting

in appreciation of your support for the 2013

45th Annual Inner Wheel Australia Conference

Handmade Goodies!

15 May

Lizards & Frogs Placemat with Fabric Markers

Personalise your 100% Cotton Quilted Placemat. Ten brilliant Bright Colours to choose from.
Quilted by Quick Stitch Quilting

Give your Placemat your own personal touch!

Handmade Goodies

13 May

 Black and White Square Game

Black & White Square Game (Tic Tac Toe or noughts and crosses) Quilted Traveling Game.


Game for two players, Black & White Squares, who take turns marking the spaces in a 3 x 3 grid. The white player goes first. The players who succeeds in placing three respective squares in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row wins the game.

Sneak Peek ~ Nundah Cottage Group Quilt 2012

9 May

Sneak Peek ~ Nundah Cottage Group Quilt 2012

On the machine Now!


Quilt Labels

4 May

Quilt Labels

Quilt labels are considered a very important part of quiltmaking!
A label on your quilt serves not only as a record of who and when, but as an identification of the item if it is ever stolen or lost.
The more information you put on your quilt the more likely that it will be appreciated in years to come.

What information to put on your quilt labels.

  • To “give credit” to the designer and to every person who contributed to the making of the quilt, including the quilter. Out of consideration for my machine quilting contribution to your quilt, I ask that you remember to place my name with yours on any show entry forms, public exhibits, advertising, magazine articles, promotional material or class samples. Thank you for the opportunity to share my expertise with you on your masterpiece. 
  • For “HISTORY’S SAKE” A label helps document the date, fabric, style and trends as well as identifies the maker.

“What information should I put on my Quilt Label?”

  • Quilt Name:
  • Designer, Pattern & Source:
  • Maker’s Name: Pieced by …
  • City or Location:
  •  Start & Completed Year: (example 2011 ~ 2012)
  • Quilter: Quilter’s Name for Example “Quick Stitch Quilting” (You can also include the Location Enoggera Brisbane Australia)
  • Inspiration:
  • Why the quilt was made?
  • Name of the recipient
  • Original Design:

Everton Park Kindy Raffle – Tickets $1 each

40 Prizes totalling over $3000 (See Prize List for Details)

Raffle Drawn: 1pm 20th May at the Everton Park Kindy Fete

28 Fallon Street, Everton Park

All proceeds to benefit the upgrade of the original Kindy premises. Winners notified at the Fete or by phone/address within 5 working days of draw.